Observation Days

Observation days are a chance for parents to see what goes on in the classroom during a typical weekday morning. This provides parents with an opportunity to further connect with their children in a fun and hands on way. Observation days are an excellent way to see first hand how your child learns, plays, and socializes with others. Observation days also help parents gain an understanding of the benefits of the Montessori method.


We at RMS believe that music is a beautiful and beneficial part of a child’s developmental process. Learning an instrument boosts self esteem, increases motor skills, and introduces young learners to new cultures. Students taking music lessons will have the opportunity to participate in performances and recitals that showcase their talents. Parents are always encouraged to come and support their budding new musicians. Reminders and announcements will be made as these dates draw closer. Parents are encouraged to attend as active support motivates children to do their best.

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