Music inspires many aspects of child development as a catalyst for intellectual, social, emotional, motor, and language growth. Along with the academic benefits, it is a proven fact that music inspires joy and creativity in young minds. Music is incorporated into the children’s daily curriculum in the form of group learning and performance. Learning an instrument boosts self-esteem and confidence. The act of committing to a goal, practicing, and then observing an improvement, teaches patience and inspires children to do their very best. 

As part of our curriculum each classroom at RMS has music class once or twice a week with our in-house music teacher. During this time the children sing in various languages, play hand instruments, and just have a fun time. These classes are included in the weekly tuition. RMS also offers individual piano and violin lessons, drawing from the Suzuki method, during the course of the school day for children age 3 and older. For additional information please inquire at

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